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Say "Hello" to THE GREEN LINE

It was our British business partner Ray Walker who first called us “THE GREEN LINE”, inspired by the colour of our trucks. The UK has always been an important market for Nellen & Quack. “THE GREEN LINE” was finally incorporated into the company name and is now our trademark.


Our first regular direct line to UK

Nellen & Quack organises a regular direct line between Bradford, the centre of the British textile industry and Gronau. Nellen & Quack dispatches truck loads 3 – 5 times a week.


Horst Arno Wienandts
becomes an associate


A lack of space: A move to a new trading estate

Nellen & Quack expands and acquires a new site for the company in a newly developed industrial area. We began with a modern distribution warehouse of 1,000 sqm with 29 loading bays, a warehouse with 2,000 sqm storage space and a new office building with 600 sqm work space. The company now employs 85 people.


The first Swap Body System

Nellen & Quack opens its first Swap Body System. This new equipment increases the flow of goods considerably, enabling complete truck loads up to 15 tons be raised and exchanged. This ensures a fast and effective turnover of containers. At this stage, Nellen & Quack´s fleet consisted of 11 trucks and 7 trailers.


Horst Arno Wienandts joins the company

After World War II, Horst Arno Wienandts undertakes an apprenticeship in the company. He joins the company in the mid-50s, after completing various terms as a trainee, both home and abroad.


A new beginning

As a result of the separation of Germany after World War II, the Federal Republic looses the eastern States, including the Region of Saxony, served extensively by Nellen & Quack. Nellen & Quack starts to rebuild its business in this area.


Nellen & Quack become independent

On 5th April 1895, Mr. Ernst Wienandts (great-grandfather of the present owner Axel Wienandts), acquires a branch in Gronau. Although completely independent, the company keeps the name Nellen & Quack. The parent company moves its head office to Mönchengladbach.


Rudolf Wienandts becomes an associate


Founding of a branch in Gronau

A company branch is opened in Gronau in Westfalen for the import of machines and textile products from England and for the spinning and weaving industry in Northern Germany and The Netherlands. Ernst Wienandts, the cousin of Carl Nellen, is appointed as Managing Director of the branch in Gronau.

The first office building
in Gronau


The founding of Nellen & Quack

On 1st of February 1884, Carl Nellen and August Quack form the company in Dalheim, a small town near the river Rhine, as a forwarding business, delivering to factories, using horse and carriage.

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